Your First Intentional Step

Guiding you to take the first step towards a life you love

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you need to make some big changes in your life but you aren’t quite sure how or they seem waaaay to big to make by yourself…
  • You really don’t want to spend another year like the last – not moving forwards, not progressing…
  • You want to stop existing and start living a life you absolutely love…
  • You have set goal after goal after goal – and still haven’t progressed very far…
  • You have visions of how your life could be but have given them up because you don’t know how they’ll ever be real…
  • You’ve spent a small fortune on courses, done every free webinar going and your inbox is full of subscriptions you can’t even remember signing up for. And yet you don’t use any of it.

Are you ready to…

Start loving your life by creating the one you actually want to live?

Learn proven methods to help you progress towards your visions?

Get clear about what big changes you want in your life and how to get them?

Uncover your very best goals, the ones you leap out of bed for? 

Start making real progress towards those visions, step by step?

Stop just existing and drifting along and start living a life you love?

Amazing! Here’s how I can help you…

I work with people who are ready to make big changes by uncovering the goals they actually give a damn about and then taking the steps they need to achieve those goals. 

If that’s you, then you are for sure in the right place! Trust me, I’ve been in the same place – oh, I was so fed up of not making progress in life, of constantly feeling like I was spinning the giant hamster wheel of life. 

Over time, I have gone through countless self-help books, courses, webinars, and even therapy. I have reflected, journaled and been coached. I have learned and progressed, and it has taken me years to get to a point where I adore the life I lead.

So I have been where you are. And I can help you create the life you love without taking years, without going through those dead ends, without having a bookshelf full of books you don’t use. 

After working with me, you will:

  • Create a vision for your life to take you from existing to living.
  • Have a plan which is easy to implement right away, to progress you towards your vision.
  • Know that this year or season, you will finally start making the changes you have been waiting for. 
  • Know how to just BE more, rather than just adding things to your to-do list. 
  • Know how to create goals that are exciting, achievable, challenging and connected to your vision. 
  • Know how to cultivate and create a life you really love! 

    Why work with me?

    Because I get where you’ve been! Really, how many self-help books do you have on your shelf? Or free email courses that clutter your inbox, unopened and piling the guilt on top of you

    So what will be different this time? Simple answer: me. Having me on your side, who totally gets where you’re coming from and who knows what’s the first step you need to take. You’re not just getting an activity to do – you’re getting me asking you the questions that get to the heart of you and what your first intentional step looks like.

    I will give you the steps that I found (after a loooong time searching, and a lot of self-help books) that guided me to live the life I lead now and absolutely love. An intentional life. A creative and fulfilling life.

    Isn’t that what you want too?

    Who doesn’t?! Read on and I’ll tell you what you get when you work with me (the nitty gritty stuff).

    Here’s what you’ll get:

        • Your Life Evaluation: This is a very specific questionnaire that you fill out before our session. It guides you to evaluate big areas of your life and encourages you to take a step back to examine your big picture. You’ll start to identify areas you want to work on and also outline some major things that have happened in the last 12 months. All of this streamlines our session so we can get right into the juicy stuff…
        • Your First Intentional Step – a 60-min coaching session via video call: Before your first session, I’ll look at the results from your Life Evaluation, then we’ll dive straight in. We’ll decide what is most important to you from your Evaluation and focus on 1 specific area for the session. We’ll go through my proven method to craft your big vision for that area and decide on some really simple first steps you can take to create the life you love, right away. You’ll finish the session with a clear plan to improve one area of your life and clear first steps to take, so you’ll see progress immediately.
        • Your Next Steps: After your 60-min session, you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to create big visions for 2 more areas of your life, based on Your Life Evaluation. You’ll use the same method I taught you, growing in confidence and understanding how the goals you are creating fit into your big picture. You’ll also think about some big lessons learned from your reflections on the past 12 months and think about what you’re going to change in the coming 12 months. 
        • Your Reflective Steps – a 30-min review session via video call: A few weeks after our first session, we will meet again to go through what visions you’ve developed for the 2 other areas of your life. We’ll discuss any tweaks to make and keep a focus on how they link to your big picture. By the end, you’ll have 3 big visions for changing areas of your life that you want to work on to finally create the life you love. You’ll feel excited about the goals you’ve created and the visions they work towards.
        • Recorded session: You’ll get access to recordings of each video call so you can refer back to these recordings as many times as you wish.

        Your Investment:


        Are you ready to finally start making the changes you’ve been longing for? Are you ready to start creating the life you absolutely adore?

        How would you feel if, in a year’s time, you were still spinning the giant hamster wheel of life? Or the list of goals you’ve achieved is significantly smaller than the list of goals you have achieved?

        You can stop feeling that shame when you haven’t progressed as far as you wanted. Instead, you can feel happy and excited that you finally have a way to progress forwards.

        So really, what exactly are you waiting for?

        Your next steps...

        1. Make your payment here or click the button.
        2. You’ll get an email from me telling you how to book in for your first session with me and the link to the questionnaire so you can get started right away.

        That’s it! It’s that simple.


        How much time do I have to invest in this package to see real results? 

        You’ll spend a full 90 minutes coaching with me. This is split between 2 separate sessions – 60 minutes for the first and 30 minutes for the review session. Filling out the questionnaire beforehand is best done when you’ve got a chance to think about your answers a little, but you don’t need to invest a lot of time here. Between our sessions, you can invest as much or as little as you want before we meet for our scheduled review session, but you’ll find better results if you really give time to the homework.

        Is there a payment plan for this? 

        There isn’t a payment plan available for this, but there is for my other long-term coaching packages. Drop me an email via my contact form or book in for a complimentary call to chat this over.

        I work full-time/care for kids/live in a different time zone – can you be flexible with when we meet? 

        Of course! I have different time slots available throughout the week and days. If you can’t find a suitable slot, you’re welcome to email me and we’ll arrange for a better time for you.

        How do we meet? 

        Both our calls will be done through Zoom, a video calling software. All the instructions to get set up with it will be in the email you receive after you buy this session.

        Still have some questions?

        13 + 11 =


        Karen is fantastic! She’s grounded and motivational all in one package. She’s helped me to realign on countless occasions. Working with her helps me to get clear about where I should place my focus and efforts. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs clarity and direction.

        A good coach, an effective coach, needs to be approachable, affable, patient, emotionally aware and empathetic. I believe Karen is wealthy in all of these attributes. She was able to put me at ease very early and allowed my mind to wander up hill and down dale, guiding me gently when in danger of veering off topic. This allowed me to discover employment arenas I had not previously considered that were more aligned with my core values.

        Karen is an absolute STAR!!! She has the knack of asking just the right questions (even the hard ones), invites genuine introspection and encourages you to investigate what you REALLY want to do (or NEED to do 😂) to facilitate meaningful change in your life… I couldn’t recommend her enough…